Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Understanding Ron Paul: Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid

 By Dan Beaulieu

"I am an imperfect messenger, but the message is perfect"    
–  Ron Paul

One thing is certain of Dr. Ron Paul, he is not a sound-bite candidate. That is, he often speaks over the heads of voters which causes a lack of understanding. It is in my personal opinion that Ron Paul cannot be understood in the 30 seconds allocated to him in debates. His ideas must be studied; however, once one does understand Dr. Paul, they often stick around.

For this reason I present to you my series: 

Understanding Ron Paul

Social Security:

Ron Paul does not want to eliminate Social Security, which is set to run dry in 2036. Although he personally doesn’t believe in the Social Security program, he does believe in keeping the promise to those who have been paying into the program. Ron Paul advocates an “opt-out” for people 25 and under from the system so that those individuals can keep more of their money each week, this immediately benefits the economy.

Ron Paul is also the only candidate who will guarantee Social Security lasts well beyond the projected 2036 deadline by reducing the size of government immediately and eliminating our overseas expenditures.

This is a direct quote from Ron Paul's Plan to Restore America regarding entitlements.

"Honors our promise to our seniors and veterans, while allowing young workers to opt out. Block grants Medicaid and other welfare programs to allow States the flexibility and ingenuity they need to solve their own unique problems without harming those currently relying on the programs."

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