Thursday, December 8, 2011

4 More Years of Obama inevitable?

By Dan Beaulieu

As most Americans go about their daily life they seem to miscalculate the dire situation we face; impending global financial meltdown. It should be well understood by now that in 2007 there were very intelligent economists from the Austrian school that predicted the housing market collapse in vivid detail.  Those same Austrians are predicting a greater collapse in the near future; the collapse of the dollar. Which would be the worst crises, economic or otherwise, the world has ever seen. Remember in 2007 when America laughed at the Austrians predictions? Will we risk making the same mistake again?

In light of this knowledge America has a distinct choice to make, one or the other: 4 more years of Obama and possible global market collapse or just 4 years.

4 More Years of Obama

If the American people vote for Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney it will be 4 more years of Obama. This is not a difficult notion to arrive at. America is upset, voters wanted change in ’08 and they need change now. However, neither of the two candidates offers any real change for America nor do they offer a departure from our current path to collapse. They both advocate big government, large scale militarism and they both cater to large corporations rather than to the people (meaning they can be bought).  They both also have skeletons in their closet which Obama and his $1 Billion can easily exploit.

The independents would not vote for Gingrich or Romney, nor would the democrats… but let me get to the point, nor would the Paulites which are roughly 15% of the republican vote.  This may be frustrating or seem irrational to you. It may anger you to no end… but it doesn’t change the fact at hand. The fact is that 95% of Ron Paul supporters, when asked, say they will not vote for the Republican nominee if Ron Paul does not take the nomination. This alone spells certain doom for the GOP in 2012.

However if the Republican Party chose Ron Paul as the nominee he would win most of the independents, a large percentage of democrats (see ‘blue republicans’), and the GOP. Ron Paul has no skeletons in his closet for Obama to exploit. His voting record is constitutionally pristine and he doesn’t cater to large corporations for money.

Just 4 Years

In just 4 years the Austrian economist Dr. Ron Paul could balance our budget and return us to financial sanity, he could pave the way for the return to prosperity. Not for just us but for the whole world. So I ask America. Why risk financial collapse when the solution lies in this wish 76 year old man?

Can’t we try the Austrian philosophy on monetary policy for just 4 years? Can’t we go back to sound money for just 4 years? Can’t we engage in peaceful trade instead of militarism for just 4 years? Can’t we cut back on government for just 4 years? Can’t we end crony-capitalism for just 4 years? Can’t we hang up our war hammers and our petty reservations for just 4 years so we can get through this mess?

The funny thing is, regardless how you vote, if we don’t fix our financial problem the collapse is inevitable. That means our government shrinks anyway and our militarism and foreign aid ends anyway.

Ron Paul or No One.

For a deeper understanding of Ron Paul and his philosophies please this series.

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