Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dear Occupy Wall Street Protesters,

 By Dan Beaulieu

I understand that your crowd consists of a very diverse range of upset people which, for the most part, I endorse as its nourishing for the American spirit. That said, I also believe that there are quite a bit of clueless people out there who are touting potentially dangerous ideas. I will address them in order; this list may be amended later.
  1. Wealth Redistribution
  2. Anti-Capitalism
  3. Obama Supporters

Wealth Redistribution comes from the ideology that all rich people became rich at the expense of the poor using malevolent devices. This simply is not true and displays envy.

I’d like to illustrate this by briefly explaining how an acquaintance of mine became very wealthy. He was pushed into working as a means to take care of his ailing father at the age of 15. Working long hours as a landscaper he began to save money, he expanded. Over time his success led him to try something else, he bought a pizzeria. His pizzeria did well which allowed him to quit landscaping, in fact he did so well he started more pizzerias around town. Over time he accumulated a whole chain of pizzerias. After years in the business he sold his company becoming a millionaire. He then started several other businesses, some were successful and some were not. When the housing bubble burst he had a fleeting opportunity to either lose money or to make a great deal of money. He gambled and bought as many houses as he could afford, 100 around his home town of Orlando. This is the American dream, the right to pursue prosperity and the right to take your own chances. This man now has over $100,000,000 because he took a chance and it paid off.

Who did he hurt? What devices did he use besides the honest sweat of his brow? Yet the ideology of the wealth redistributionist insists that his hard earned money should be stolen from him and given to people who haven’t earned it in respects to being “fair”. This is the same envious and greedy concept that ushered in the income tax in 1913. It was intended for the richest people only but wound up applying to everyone. Soak the rich.

Wealth redistribution is a socialist philosophy. A socialist system looks out for the group at the expense of the individual.( In other words, violating an individual’s rights.) This works out as long as you’re not the individual. Instead, we should do as our founders intended and encourage personal liberty for every individual which will maximize freedom amongst the entire group.

“He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty, he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.” - Thomas Paine

Anti- Capitalism (1) describes a wide variety of movements, ideas, and attitudes which oppose capitalism. Anti-capitalists, in the strict sense of the word, are those who wish to completely replace capitalism with another system. Capitalism (2) is an economic system in which the means of production are privately owned and operated for profit, usually in competitive markets.

Capitalism is basically the idea of producing goods for profit, which I find nothing wrong with in a free market society. Now in a society based on big business and the stock market, capitalism can take a corrupt and malicious turn. Though keep in mind that capitalism is not to blame, it’s merely the device used for personal or corporate gain.  In a free market this malicious element would be eliminated as free markets are at the mercy of competition and supply & demand, not phony and misleading investments.

Obama Supporters protesting at these rallies is a paradox in its truest form. It should be obvious with the damage he’s done to our economy through extreme deficit spending, immoral bailouts and out of control stimulus that he is not a friend to the American Way. You cannot dismiss these transgressions as Bush era inheritance, to do so irresponsible and contumacious. Obama has trespassed against American values over and over (3) and represents the very elite that Occupy Wall Street is rallying against. He’s a socialist and a phony American who dismisses our fundamental principles.

I support Occupy Wall Street but would like to clarify who our enemy is. To properly and morally redistribute wealth we need to institute laws that restrict large conglomerates from forming. These large conglomerates own our financial institutions, energy suppliers, weapons manufacturers, news outlets and lobbyists who only breed corruption in politics. This conflict of interests is what allows the super elite to take our money through fraudulent persuasion, misdirection and through fiercely cornering of targeted markets, which puts small business men out of work. We also need end our fiat currency, central economic planning and the privately owned Federal Reserve which is intimately involved in big business and politics.

Great protester inspiration:


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(3.) Going to war with Libya without congressional approval, creating a super congress, assassinating an American who hadn't committed any crime that we know of, thus depriving him of due process.

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