Saturday, September 24, 2011

GOP Frontrunner: Ron Paul (updated 9/25)

 By Dan Beaulieu

(Google Trends capture taken 09/24/2011, timeline 1 month)

Judging by the ratio of the peoples interest, it is evident, that Ron Paul is indeed the GOP front runner. If you look at the "News Reference Volume" you can see who the media darlings are. Ron Paul is not one of them by a long-shot. If Dr. Paul is doing this well without the aid of the media, imagine what this chart would look like if the media was catering to him equally as opposed to completely ignoring him. Not only dose the media ignore Ron Paul, they smear him every chance they get which causes people to be misled on his views.

I cover why media bias against Ron Paul exists in more depth here: Media Bias

If you take away the bias of the traditional polling systems we have we get much different results. For example, land-line phone polling caters strongly to older individuals as most people under 35 (link) use cell phones and cannot be polled. Although this opposite is true with internet polling and should be taken into consideration as there are considerably less older people involved in online polls, its to a much lesser extent.

However these numbers cannot be ignored over phone polling, they must both be taken into consideration. Here is an online poll that was conducted on MSN, it was advertised on TV and appealed to a wide demographic. Keep in mind you could ONLY vote once on this poll.

At 128,066 votes and besting 2nd place Mitt Romney by 97,404. I think its fair to say that the people have spoken.

Ron Paul is the GOP Frontrunner.


In response to a likely bigger media coverage of straw polls, now that Ron Paul "finally" hasn't won one (FL), I believe a lot of people will argue that straw polls are suddenly very important.
When someone does that, i believe the proper answer should be: yes, they are! They show depth of support among usually politically more engaged and active folk.
And here are Ron Paul's results:
2nd in IOWA straw poll (0.9% less than 1st)
1st in CA straw poll
1st in CPAC straw poll
2nd in GA straw poll (0.3% less than 1st)
1st in Oklahoma straw poll
1st in RLC straw poll
1st in NH straw poll
5th in FL straw poll
4th in Michigan straw poll
(Thank you to and user 'rememberliberty' for compiling this) 

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