Monday, November 7, 2011

Understanding Ron Paul: "Is Ron Paul Racist?"

 By Dan Beaulieu

"I am an imperfect messenger, but the message is perfect"    
–  Ron Paul

One thing is certain of Dr. Ron Paul, he is not a sound-bite candidate. That is, he often speaks over the heads of voters which causes a lack of understanding. It is in my personal opinion that Ron Paul cannot be understood in the 30 seconds allocated to him in debates. His ideas must be studied; however, once one does understand Dr. Paul, they often stick around.

For this reason I present to you my series: 

Understanding Ron Paul

The Racism Charge

I strongly considered writing an in depth essay in light of several recent arguments I have had that revolved around the notion that Ron Paul is somehow racist, I decided against such a document as I think it would be affording the topic too much merit. It deserves none. These claims merely emerged due to bias from contenders that disagree with him ideologically in unrelated topics. Instead, as reference for people found in similar arguments, I offer a brief catalog of evidence that proves the notion as simply childish partisan attempts on his character.

Please do research and judge for yourself, here's a few bullet points to study and several videos to watch. One from Ron Paul himself who deserves the right to respond to such allegations.
  • Two of Ron Paul's heros are Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. & Rosa Parks
  • He voted "No" for Rosa Parks to receive a Congressional Gold Medal, not because he thought that she didn't deserve it or because he is racist but because it went against his principals to take money from the tax payers to buy the medal. Instead Ron Paul offered to chip in his own money with other congressmen to pay for her a medal. This often gets twisted by the media.
  • Delivered many minority babies free of charge during a time when racism still strongly existed.
  • NAACP President Nelson Linder dismissed allegations that Ron Paul is racist. (video)
  • Louis Farrakhan supports Ron Paul. (video)  
      Ron Paul Newsletters
      Here is a great and thorough resource regarding the "racist" Ron Paul Newsletters: Paul Newsletters FAQ

      In his own words:

      A great compilation

      NAACP Austin branch pres talks about Ron Paul.

      NAACP Nelson Linder speaks on Ron Paul and racism.

      Ron Paul defends minorities.

      Ron Paul defends blacks.

      Is Ron Paul Racist?

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      2. "Mike said...

        Fun fact: one black guy thinking someone isn't racist doesn't make him not a racist. "

        *And then he posting some ridiculous propaganda that Ron Paul IS indeed Racist.


        If you'd like to debate this I'd be happy to, but don't post your silly propaganda in my comments section. This blog is about facts.

        Do some research and wake up, the man isn't racist.

      3. Good stuff. I would recommend you change the link to my FAQ, though, since I moved it to a different URL a while back.